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The Gambling Addiction Workbook has helped many understand and overcome their gambling addiction. In this unique self-help book for recovery, you will find uplifting answers and honest words of peace. The author C.W.V Straaten struggled himself with the hypnotic demons of addiction until he finally discovered how to free himself of his addictive behavior. In The Gambling Addiction Workbook, he shares his 5-step plan to recovery.

Among the worst afflicted, C.W.V Straaten knows how it is to deal with the destructions of addictions. In his book, he will encourage you to fight, understand and eventually make peace with your demons. A gambling addiction, no matter how destructive, won’t win the final battle. The pages in this book will help to ensure this. Another life without the pain of continuous lies, devastating financial worries and an occupation with gambling, is awaiting you. The recovery process in The Gambling Addiction Workbook will guide you to conquer your addiction for good.

The Gambling Addiction Workbook, contains a reliable 5-step plan to recovery, focusing on:

  • How to instantly quit gambling and finding peace in a cooling-off period

  • How to understand your gambling addiction through practical tools you won’t find anywhere else.

  • How to deal with the suffering from the destructions caused by your gambling addiction

  • How to find your passion and create a meaningful life without gambling

Family & Friends

If you are close to someone with a gambling addiction we highly recommend reading this book. It will give you insight into the complex mind of a gambling addict. Furthermore, you will realize that change is absolutely possible. With this book, you can help your friends or loved ones take the right steps to defeat and conquer their gambling addiction for good..

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